December 11, 2023

Four Reasons Cardboard Boxes are Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Most manufactures of consumer goods transport, ship, or store their products in cardboard boxes.  Businesses like Belley opt for cardboard for their packaging and shipping needs for various reasons including its being environment-friendly. Those who have experience using cardboard boxes know that these materials are not the same. Read on to know more about corrugated cardboard and how corrugated cardboard can help protect the environment.

They can be Used Again

In general, the majority of cardboard boxes live more than one life. People use boxes for packing when they move, storing their belongings, or as a birthing nest for their puppy. Some even use worn-out boxes to help start a fire in the fireplace, campfire, or wood stove.  Cardboard boxes are also used to protect the floor when cleaning or painting or as make-shift cabinets.  Aside from these homey uses, corrugated cardboard can be flattened and put out for the trash man to pick up.

They can be Recycled

Corrugated cardboard is made without any dye and bleaches. This is the reason they are good for recycling. Also, it is biodegradable. The fiber of this cardboard is strong enough for reuse. The ability to reuse this material reduces the need to harvest more trees to make new boxes. People make most of it from recycled paper. After every box lives its useful life, people can recycle it again to complete its lifecycle.

They can be Renewed

Corrugated cardboard is made from paper pulp mainly made from pine trees. Thus, as teams harvest mature trees, they plant new crops of seedlings in an ever-renewing cycle. Also, people can make corrugated cardboard from wood chips or leftovers from processes that make paper. This type of material uses less energy in the manufacturing process. A lot of factories that make the material use local recycled materials that save fuel for transporting raw materials over long distances.

They are Useful

Businesses use corrugated cardboard to make boxes of custom sizes to meet their needs. The sturdiness of the material gives it the ability to protect box contents from damage in shipment and storage. Manufacturers can produce boxes in uniform sizes for certain uses, which lets shipping companies and retailers stack them, reducing space in warehouses, semi-truck trailers, and shipping containers. Such features make corrugated cardboard a natural and sensible option for manufacturers and distributors. Also, they encourage the continued use of the materials in packaging for the future.