July 22, 2024

Printed Packaging Material Quality and Order Size Considerations


If you’re looking for good, quality printed boxes to put your goods into, you have several options. You can buy stock boxes at a variety of places, or you can design your own. Which way will work best for you? Which method is right for you? All of these questions should be carefully weighed before investing in a product like this. The right decision will help you make the best possible investment with a product that will last for years.

The Price of Custom Printed Boxes: There are a few different ways that your custom printed boxes will vary in cost depending on a few factors: Brand name, order size, thickness, printing shades, and shipping rates. You should definitely look at all of these factors before deciding on the method you want to use for your business. Boxes like Ziploc and bubble mailers are less expensive than professionally manufactured ones, but they may not be the best choice for your situation. To give you an idea of how much your custom printed boxes will cost by brand, we’ll compare them based on six factors:

Brand Name: Brand names like Disney, Barbie, Coke, and many more are luxurious compared to generic products packaging. Because they are so popular, you can be guaranteed that there will be plenty of boxes available in every style and size to accommodate all of your products. In fact, the more popular your product packaging gets, the more expensive it becomes. However, when considering your overall bottom line, custom printed boxes will probably net you more profit than cheaper cardboard boxes.

Order Size: The size of your orders will also affect the overall price of your printed boxes. Shoppers love custom packaging, so make sure that you get your product packaging done in full color unless your company specifically requests a black and white box. Even if you do get the request, there are still many ways that you can reduce the overall cost of your order. For example, many online printers can print on high-quality flexographic paper using digital printers.

Material Quality: All printed boxes using advanced flexographic printing technology are stronger and lighter than traditional box materials, which makes them easier to handle. This is why they are perfect for shipping, gifts, and display purposes. Today’s boxes are made of heavy-duty polystyrene and low-density polyethylene, which are ideal for long-lasting promotional merchandising. If you plan to use these boxes in shipping, gifts, or display settings, you should look for a printer that offers free shipping for large orders. Other great options for your order include free mounting options and heavy-duty zippers, whether your box is for shipping or display.

Printing Process: There are several different processes that can be used for flexographic printing, including desktop publishing and offset printing. Although this technology is popular with many different companies, there is typically a minimum quantity that must be ordered for this process to work. If you need to order a large amount of boxes for promotional merchandising or other uses, it’s always best to contact a good printing company that offers low minimum quantities. One great option that many boxes printing companies offer today is pre-designed cardboard boxes that you can buy ready to print. These boxes are already measured and manufactured, so you won’t have to worry about any additional steps or provide complex design elements. You’ll just select the colors and other details for your printed boxes and you’re done!

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